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EDDM Marketing

As a business owner, your main goal is to get your products or services to the right audience and build your brand. This may be overwhelming, especially if you work in a large geographical area. Luckily. There are a few marketing tools that make it much easier to reach your target audience. One of these tools is called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and is provided by the post office. Every Door Direct Mail Printing is a marketing tactic used by small businesses to advertise and market their services to the public without needing people’s names and addresses.

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What is EDDM?

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail; it is a service offered by the United States Postal Service to businesses making it easier to reach customers within a specific zip code. EDDM allows you to reach certain mail carrier routes and send mail to residents along that route. This way, you can reach potential customers without needing a mailing address. 

It typically involves sending postcards and other means of advertisement to residents of a specific zip code to advertise your services or an upcoming sale. For effective marketing and advertisement, you need to hire reliable Every Door Direct Mail Printing services. They will help you handle the EDDM Postcard Printing process and create compelling graphics to attract customers. 

EDDM marketing can be used by all types of businesses and organizations, including realtors, restaurants, dry cleaners, churches, salons, gyms, auto repair, moving/ storage, and many more. 

Types of EDDM? 

There are two types of Every Door Direct Mail: Retail and BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit). With EDDM retailed, you are not required to have a mailing permit; however, there’s a standard number of postcards you can send daily, which is about 5,000 pieces. EDDM BMEU requires a permit for bulk mail, and it offers more flexibility. 

Features of EDDM Retail

  • Perfect for small businesses like restaurants or dry cleaning and local political campaigns
  • Can send up to 5,000 mail pieces a day per zip code
  • You can pay at the post office or online
  • Mailing can be drop at the Post Office
Features of EDDM BMEU
  • No limit on daily mailing size
  • Send to multiple zip codes
  • Uses Business Customer Getaway account
  • Drop off mailings at a large USPS mail processing center

Choosing Professional Commercial Printing Services for EDDM

The key to a print marketing campaign is to have a great concept and a compelling graphic design. Since you are trying to sell your products with visual tactics, you must work on a creative, colorful, and eye-catching design. This is why you need to hire a professional EDDM printing company to create bold and clean designs for your campaign. EDDM has specific mailing requirements, and experienced printing services give you the confidence that your mailing is compliant with these rules and regulations.

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Tips For Organizing a Successful EDDM Campaign 

Coordinating an effective EDDM campaign can be hectic. You need formats and strategies that make you stand out from other businesses. Here are a few important tips to note. 

  • Use a headline that is large and draws attention: The point of EDDM is to get the message across to everyone, but it is up to you to call the attention of customers. You need a compelling headline that entices the reader and makes them curious about your products or services. 
  • Use a large mailer format: This is an important factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. You need a large format that gets your business to be notice. 
  • Make use of photos and illustrations: When you want to gain the attention of prospective customers, you should note that less is more. This implies that you should use fewer words and more pictures. People pay more attention to attractive images and illustrations; also, it’ll make you stand out. 

Include a call to action that is easy to read

Your potential customers need to know what to do when they have interest in patronizing you. You need to include a phone number, email address, social media accounts, or any other means of reaching out to you. Be clear on the dates your store opens or if they can find your products online.