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Generations have been enjoying cannabis for a long time now. Despite being controversial, the historical and multifunctional aspects of this plant weigh more. 

Since they have been popular for a long time, people had enough opportunities to consume cannabis creatively. Some prefer to smoke it simply by wrapping their herbs as cigarettes, while others like to get a bit more scientific. 

In this article, we will be discussing different ways in which cannabis can be consumed. Well, at Purple Star MD, located in the Mission District, CA, we believe that knowing these ways will not only update you about the trendy methods but will also give you an opportunity to choose a form you would like to enjoy. 

Although there are thousands of methods, a visit to our medical and recreational dispensary will present you with:- 

  1. Vaping 

In simple words, vaping is about vaporizing cannabis instead of smoking it. Being one of the most used methods, it involves heating the plant to a temperature that vaporizes the active chemicals. Besides, evaporating the THC present in it is also very important. 

Well, even under vaping there comes a couple of ways in which you can execute the process. 

  • Oils/ Liquids: Although liquids and oils are a part of e-cigarettes, they can be perfectly used in a vaporizer system. Despite being a lot more affordable than any other vaporizer, they provide you with a better sensory experience. 

Here at Purple Star MD, we give you a captivating collection of pods and capsules along with their devices. 

  • Dry Herbs: Although premium dry herb vaporizers aren’t budget-friendly, they are worth the money. These devices can be carried around freely or can be bought for home use only. They are very easy to use and vaporize like a volcano. 

Vaping is mostly recommended for individuals who maintain a vibrant lifestyle. Being largely different from smoking, they take you higher not only physically but also mentally. 

  1. Smoking 

After vaping, the most popular way of consuming cannabis is smoking. Well, the various ways in which cannabis can be smoked are:-

  • Pipes: While using pipe you just have to pop your cannabis at one end, flame it up and suck from the other. Pulling pipers are way simpler than using a bong or rolling. 
  • Joints/Spliffs/Dubes: Although rolling is one of the most convenient ways of smoking, people find it difficult to roll a joint. 

When rolling, we at Purple star MD, allow you to mix your cannabis with other plants or tobacco as per your choice. 

  • Bongs: Made of plastic, wood or glass, a bong consists of a bowl, a large mouthpiece, a stem and a large container that can be filled with ice or water. 

Just like rolling, people find it difficult too and take a long time to skill up.

Well, even if you are not using tobacco, smoking will always hamper your health. Therefore, choose the form that you are ideally resistant to. 

  1. Eating/Drinking 

Last but not the least, eating and drinking is one of the most popular ways of enjoying cannabis. They are made by heating cannabis, which breaks THC  and other chemically active elements, making them digestible. Although it takes a long time to hit, it’s definitely worth the wait.

Right from quality dry herbs to edibles, at Purple Star MD we offer you with everything you need to start experiencing. Being the best Marijuana Store in San Francisco, CA we love to see you high and provide you with the finest cannabis under every strain you choose. 

We pride ourselves on being the best weed dispensary in North America that not only offers quality products but also works engagingly with their customers to help them with their doubts.