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Pregnancy and new motherhood are both exciting and overwhelming. It is also a time when a woman’s body goes through major physical changes. Due to these changes, wearing regular clothes might no longer be a comfortable option and you need to get yourself maternity wear that is designed to provide more comfort.

Why Choose New Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy?

Some women might consider going for second hand maternity wear. If they have had someone close to them deliver recently, they might think it would be a good idea to borrow maternity clothes.

Wearing used maternity clothes such as maternity dresses, nursing tops, maternity skirts or shorts should be okay as long as you can ensure the clothes are in good condition. Always wash the used clothes in detergent and disinfectant solution and dry them in the sun before using.

What Type of Second Hand Maternity Clothes Should You Strictly Avoid?

There are some types of maternity clothes that you should always buy new for yourself. Avoid going for second-hand maternity clothes. Below are the types of clothes that you should avoid buying second-hand. Usually, inner wear comes under this category.

Don’t Buy Used Nursing or Maternity Bra

A nursing or maternity bra is used by women during pregnancy and nursing. The nursing bra often catches the fluid discharging from a pregnant woman’s breasts or milk leaking from the breasts of a nursing mother. The bra can also catch sweat and the baby’s saliva during the breastfeeding sessions.

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Even after washing, nursing bras can still carry bacteria and thrush. These bacteria can sometimes be killed by washing the nursing bra with very hot boiling water. However, boiling water can damage the fabric of the bra and its straps. This means the bra won’t provide a really good fit.

Another thing to consider is that a used bra, depending on how the previous owner has used it, might already have gone through a lot of wear and tear. If the straps have lost their elasticity and the fabric no longer feels soft and fresh, the second hand nursing bra will not provide much comfort and support.

Don’t Buy Used Breastfeeding Pads for Breasts

Just like nursing bras, breast pads can also harbour bacteria. They catch sweat, leaked milk, and discharge from the breasts. Repeated washing can deteriorate the quality of the breast pads. Also, if you are thinking about buying and washing used breast pads, you will need to use boiling water for the killing the bacteria. This can again damage the fabric used in the breast pads and they might not feel very soft and gentle.

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Don’t Buy Used Maternity or Pregnancy Underwear

Maternity underwear can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Being in contact with the most intimate part of a woman, the underwear comes in contact with all kinds of vaginal discharge. Just after childbirth, when a woman starts bleeding, there is a chance that the underwear comes in contact with period blood.

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No amount of washing and cleaning can make a used underwear suitable for buying. It is best to stay away from used maternity underwear.

Disadvantages of Wearing Used Undergarments During Pregnancy

Here are the disadvantages of buying used undergarments during pregnancy:

  • It’s unhygienic to wear the same clothes that have already been in close contact with another woman’s private parts.
  • There is a risk of harbouring bacteria and thrush in the fabric of the used underwear.
  • Due to wear and tear, the used undergarments might not give a good fit.
  • There could be stains and spots on the undergarments which could be seriously off-putting.

Before Buying Used Pregnancy Clothes, Must Think About COVID-19!

Covid-19 has heightened our sensibilities when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Do consider this before you think of buying used pregnancy clothes. While it could be okay to borrow your sister’s maternity top, buying used clothes from strangers comes with risks.

On top of that, taking risks of coming into contact with other people’s bodily fluids is a bad idea in the wake of the pandemic. During pregnancy and early motherhood, a woman needs to be careful to stay away from infections. Hence, it is best to avoid used maternity clothing from strangers.


A simple way to counter this problem is to go for new maternity clothes. A brand like Lovemere makes good quality, affordable maternity wear clothes that fit well and provide great comfort. You should definitely consider buying new, affordable maternity wear that is safe both for you and your baby. Have a safe, hygienic, and happy maternity!

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