make money from home

Imagine a situation: you have a small capital but need to earn at least $1,000 a month. Does it real? Most of people will say that it is impossible. There are no such financial products or businesses that could show such a high ROI. But we can say YES! There is a project that really produces such a high profit for its investors!

It is StartupInvest – a company that finances the best projects from Kickstarter. We take only the projects that have been already financed successfully through Kickstarter. It is a guarantee for the future: you can expect the growth from trusted project. Our investors buy bonds on our site and then wait for the price to grow up.

After some time they can invest more or sell their bonds and fix the profit. Collected money goes to project funding (50%) and active promotion of StartupInvest itself (the rest 50%). As a result, our bond price goes up. Average ROI is 158%. It means that you need only about $7,700 to be invested to earn $1,000 a month.

You can add the money or withdraw back at any time: no limits. Registration process is very easy and takes only 5 min. If you have questions – you can contact our support team and receive detailed response in 24 hours. Minimal investment amount to start is only $100. Try with no risk!

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