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Total Talent Management Sources

Each hiring manager wants to succeed while recruiting top talent. Hiring qualified candidates is essential to increasing business productivity. But sometimes recruiters fail to attract and hire top talent, and they start feeling demotivated. If you are unable to hire potential candidates on a consistent basis, then you must incorporate a total talent management source into your organization to fulfill the company’s needs. Moreover, you can even adopt new ways of hiring to win over quality candidates. Ensure to use video interview software to hire quality candidates without any biases. 

The coronavirus has made a significant impact on modern business, and the workplace has become more flexible than ever before. As published in The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2018, 40% of companies prefer non-permanent workers. These workers include freelancers, contingent workers, and contractors. This flexibility in the workforce gives rise to the total talent management strategy. Apart from being part of the talent acquisition strategy, this approach covers the use of intuitive hiring practices. 

Total talent management sources can prove to be cost-effective and will benefit your business in the long run. You can easily attract and retain top talent permanently or on a temporary basis. Adopting total talent hiring sources has various benefits. In this blog, we will cover all those benefits. But before that, let’s check out the meaning of total talent management. 

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What is Total Talent Management? 

Total talent management is basically an emerging solution that integrates both permanent and contingent talent. It is all about redefining the workforce solutions. Using these sources can ensure an all-inclusive approach to managing talent within the organization. The concept of total talent management has been popular for quite a while now, but it has several doubters. For some people, a total talent management solution can never be a realistic possibility. 

This universal approach is a way for your organization to break the traditional barrier between your full-time and contingent workforce. With this approach, you can ensure that your entire company is implementing the same strategy to engage quality candidates. 

6 Benefits of Total Talent Management Sources

Using total talent management sources could be one of the best solutions to resolve workforce management issues. Bringing permanent and non-permanent employees into one solution can enhance alignment in an organization. With total talent management, companies can experience multiple benefits. Let’s dive into the benefits of using this approach. 

Consistent search cycles

The consistency of the process is one of the most important benefits of using total talent management sources. Consistency allows transparency throughout the cycle. Leaders can easily measure each component in the process and track these components at much convenience. With this kind of transparency, leaders can effectively discover the area where they need to improve. They can look for breakdowns that are causing hurdles in their hiring process and make strategies accordingly. 

Higher productivity and performance

Do you want easy access to potential talent? Yes, then total talent hiring management makes that possible for you. This approach makes sure that companies can effectively hire candidates by creating talent acquisition strategies. Moreover, you can easily increase business productivity by dividing tasks between full-time and temporary workers. As reported in the External Workforce Insights 2018, 62% of business leaders said their external employees help enhance their overall business performance. 

So, by including an external workforce, total talent management can help you improve business productivity. So have a total talent management tool for making your business more scalable and agile. 

Strengthens employer brand

Total talent management permits a consistent employer brand for both permanent and contingent employees. Almost all businesses have an employer brand, but this is mainly catered toward permanent employees only. As your business embraces flexibility after incorporating total talent management sources, you will have to build an employer brand for temporary employees also. By integrating both full-time and contingent workers, you portray your company as an employer of choice. It gives you a competitive edge in attracting and hiring top talent. 

Cost savings

Cost savings is another benefit that you can avail after using totaltalentmanagement sources. By integrating all talents, the total talent management approach helps simplify operations, which can ultimately reduce the cost. Implementing this approach simply means standardizing your talent operations, optimizing the supply & demand of human capital, and ultimately achieving all your goals. Moreover, leaders can easily cut down expenses while hiring permanent staff members. 

Better insight into talent acquisition

Hiring the best talent for your company is crucial to accomplishing all your goals. Moreover, getting the right people onboard ensures better business results. Total talent management sources give an overview to leaders on how to spot the best people for the job. This modern model enables recruiters to be flexible and adopt non-traditional talent sources. With this blended model of full-time and temporary workers, leaders don’t need to compromise with expertise and quality.

Prevents skill shortage

The talent shortage is one of the real problems in today’s time. As the job market is now candidate-driven, companies are struggling to find the right talent for the job. According to a report by SHRM Skills Gap 2019, 83% of HR leaders had trouble finding suitable applicants in the past year. They were unable to locate the right talent for the job. 

By implementing total talent management, hiring managers can easily avoid the pitfalls of skills shortage. This model enables you to make adequate changes by helping you examine the skill needed for the job. Therefore, filling the talent gap is easier when you are using total talent management sources. 


Wrapping it up

Total talent management is one of the popular trends nowadays as it revolutionizes the workforce solution industry. Implementing this model will help you plan your workforce better and enhance your employer branding. You must use this model to avail all the mentioned benefits and hire candidates who can be a perfect fit for the role. However, you may face some challenges while implementing this model. But with proper strategy and better communication, you can easily overcome all these challenges.