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Vehicles Breakdowns

Even with a full tank of gas, instant cash for your vehicle could be at risk of being damaged if you’re not taking care of it promptly. Your car is composed of many parts working in concert with each other – any part might fail or neglect in a manner that can cut your trip shorter. Here are some typical vehicle breakdowns that you need to know about to be able to take action if they occur or even prevent their occurrence at all.

A Bad Battery

If your car struggles to start after you press the button (or the warning light for your battery is on), it could be an unsound battery in your hands. They typically last around five years. However, frequent trips of a short duration could cause them to wear out more quickly.

There is a way to prolong the life of a battery using a trickle charger. However, you might still need to replace it completely if your battery has dirt on it, which could hinder its functionality. We could address this with specific products.

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Alternator Issues

Similarly, the alternator relies on the engine to charge the battery. If it fails to function, even a replacement battery will not fix the problem.

If the internal or external light sources are less than you expected, it could indicate the alternator is worn out. It is not maintained, and you must seek help from a roadside service when you suspect your alternator is failing.

Flat Tyre

This sounds like a common-sense suggestion. However, it’s something that could be a problem for anyone. Even if you don’t run over anything that could cause damage to your tires, they are still susceptible to wear and tear through usage.

It is essential to check your tyres frequently and ensure they have the correct pressure and tread depth for your vehicle. If you involved in an accident, you should always have a spare tire on the side – it might be the thing that brings you back home.

Lost Keys

This could also be a concept probably introduce previously, but it’s true – regardless of whether you lose the items or leave the keys in the car.

Assistance at the roadside can aid with issues of a crucial nature. However, the only method to avoid this is to carry an extra key available at all times.

The Absence of Engine Oil

The engine of your car greased with oil. However, the wrong amount could create destruction. Insufficient, and the engine without lubrication could become damaged from the parts that grind. In excess, the extra aerated, resulting in foamy material that will not perform the task.


To prevent this from happening, you must check that your oil level is correct by using a dipstick. There are typically two lines on the dipstick to help you decide on the proper amount.

There are various possible ways you may experience an unintentional accident on the road. However, Brisbane Cash 4 Car Service is available throughout Brisbane, Queensland, 24/7 in case of a vehicle breakdowns. We bring over years of expertise to the table and are open to calling you at 07 3082 6442 when you require our assistance.